How do you multiply Entrepreneurship?

For those of you who haven’t heard about us, we are YoungDrive, an organization helping younger people gain the confidence and skills needed to start their own business.

But does the world really need more companies producing things?

Dan Lainio, Strategic Team here at YoungDrive, says, that creating more companies could have a negative impact on the world. On the flip side, however, opening up a company teaches you entrepreneurial skills, which also makes a positive contribution on a global scale.

Many people would probably agree that a school is supposedly preparing children to acquire the skills necessary to get a job. But what do you do when there are no relevant jobs on the market near you?

For people in some rural areas of Uganda, that’s their reality - and that’s where entrepreneurship solves a problem by creating more employment opportunities.

YoungDrive started out as a school project for Swedish teenagers and has since grown into educating young people in Uganda, Zambia, and Botswana, where entrepreneurial skills make a big difference to people’s quality of life.

In the full interview that you can find at, Dan describes our step by step process on how to provide youth people with 10 weeks of entrepreneurship training for only 1-6 dollar per student.

Dan also shares the interesting solution behind the success of making the training so cost-efficient. Part of this is thanks to the “Plug-In Solution” we use to collaborate with the local community to keep costs down and this has been a core reason as to why YoungDrive has been able to multiply our educational process.

340 million young people are unemployed in the world today. If you believe that Entrepreneurship is the way to make the world a better place, then you can help us by donating 10 dollars to solve that problem. is an organisation that is changing the way people think about charity, development, and organizations. They’re leading the next generation of charitable giving with their completely remote and radically transparent charity. Find out more.